Why I'm Running

I’m proud to announce that I, Joe Bennett, am running for Onondaga County Legislator in District 15 Democratic primary. As a public school teacher, union member, and community advocate - I am running to build a government that works for all of us! I grew up in poverty and understand the struggles of working people. I’m a homeowner in the Valley and teacher in Syracuse City School District. With these experiences, and listening to other experiences in the community, we can work together for the change we all need!

This campaign will be fueled by people power, not corporate interests, so we need people like you to contribute. Please consider donating to continue the political revolution! 

Primary date: June 22, 2021


Countdown to Primary Election

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A few of my top priorities as County Legislator would be:

Budget Fairness:
The county deals with more than a billion-dollar budget, and recently cut funding to critical social services like the health department. We must make sure that our money will provide essential services to the community.

Economic Social Security for All:
People in our county should be guaranteed a job if they want it that pays a living wage. They deserve affordable housing, healthcare, transportation, childcare, food, a healthy environment, and other necessities to live a whole and dignified life.

Transparency and Democracy:
Our elected county legislators have a responsibility engaging our community. The county should be more transparent and legislators should hold regular town halls to update their constituents and get more feedback about local laws.




180 Hopper Road
Syracuse, NY, 13207, US

About the Candidate

My father is a factory worker and my mother is a veteran who served two tours abroad. I grew up in poverty and know the struggles of everyday working people. I’m currently a physics teacher in the Syracuse City School District and a member of the Syracuse Teachers Association union. I taught at Corcoran High School for five years and now I teach at Nottingham High School, where I’ve been very involved in clubs, sports, community groups, and campaigns to better the lives of residents of my district. 

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